Our programs are designed to encourage participation in individual and social activities, both inside and outside the home by frail aged people, people with a disability, and those that care for them. Our goal is to enhance our client's independence, autonomy and community connectedness. SPDL volunteers provide the links, assisting in the following range of community programs:

DayLinks Community Transport


Inability to 'get there' has been identified as one of the biggest barriers to people participating in their community. SPDL Inc. recognises that transport is a vital link in supporting the health, well-being and independence of people living in the community and in particular older people and people with disabilities. SPDL Inc. provides a Community Transport program that provides co-operative, safe, flexible, door-to-door affordable transport solutions, complementing existing transport systems.

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Links people who enjoy gardening and have some free time with people who cannot maintain their gardens because of frailty or disability, and chats and cups of coffee become part of the gardening regime.

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WalkMates is our newest program, launched in 1999, and builds on the Day Links tradition of forging friendships in tandem with providing a service to meet individuals' needs. WalkMate is suitable for those who have been encouraged to take exercise as part of their rehabilitation after surgery, stroke or heart problems, and also to those who may have lost confidence in walking on their own either following a fall or because of reduced mobility or isolation.

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PetLinks Program